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September 19th, 2020

Raffle ticket sales start Sunday, September 6th at noon.

Raffle Prizes

Each prize has a separate raffle for which you can buy tickets.

Click on the "Buy Raffle Tickets" button above and choose the number of tickets for each prize you hope to win.

Enjoy a "Date Night" size Charcuterie cheese board from along with a wonderful bottle of wine and a Piggyback Bourbon—all while the outside windows on your home get cleaned by

Sponsored by K and T Window Cleaning, Columbus Cheese Boards, the Nelson Family and Greg Snowden.

Valued at $350


Enjoy four rounds of golf at either of two premiere private, local golf clubs: Kinsale or Scioto Reserve.

Basket comes with golf accessories. Sponsored by DRK and Company Realty in Westerville.

Valued at $450.


Title: Resilience

Artist: Maurielle Cooper

Acrylic on canvas 23.5 in. X 12 in. Wall ready Colors are red, mint and gray silver

Retails for $425 

Title: Cool Vibe

Artist: Maurielle Cooper

Acrylic on cardboard 20 in. X 9 in.

Framed and wall ready


Retails for $150

Title: Framed Acrylic Painting

Artist: Maurielle Cooper

18 in. X 14 in.

Framed and wall ready

Retails for $400 

Title: Fire & Water

Artist: Maurielle Cooper

Acrylic painting on painter's board. 33.5 in. X 28 in. Framed and wall ready


Retails for $695

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